An Injury Update Regarding the Recent Silence

An Injury Update Regarding the Recent Silence

Dear Reader,

The last you heard from me via the email was on July 8th when “How to Become The Author as Omnivore” went live on It was around then, some 9 weeks ago, that I sustained a neck injury that severely curtailed the amount of reading, writing, and computer work that I was capable of doing.

I could do next to none.

Sadly, the neck injury was sustained in the process of exercising to heal my back (which I mentioned in the newsletter, "Let Us Speak of a GoFundMe"). It has only been in the last couple weeks that I have been able to read a book, and only in the last week that I have been able to type at speed for any respectable amount of time.

Thus, I’m still taking it easy on computer usage as there is no sense in re-injuring my neck when it seems nearly fully recovered. That said, I should be able to get back to writing – and sending out the Author’s Newsletter sometime Soon.

I extend my apologies that we have not been able to meet in the inbox for the last couple months. During each week of the injury I hoped that this, this would be the day that I was able to get back to writing.

Still, with the enforced break, I’ve had to time to reflect and I’ll be sharing my thoughts Soon via the Email.

Best regards,


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